SEDUCE THE HEAVEN was formed in mid 2009 by guitarist Alex Flouros and soon joined by the lyrical soprano Elina Laivera on vocals founding in this way the main structure of the band. In the following months, a full album consisting of 10 tracks had already been prepared for the recording process.

SEDUCE THE HEAVEN is combining powerful elements of Melodic/Death, Metal-Core, Power and Symphonic elements in a unique, technical and brutal, yet very melodic way. Their debut album "Field Of Dreams" covers a wide range of musical styles moving from progressive to PANTERA-like paths, from the bursting trails of NWOAM and bands like Killswitch Engage to the powerful breakouts of the Swedish melodic death metal scene. What is also special about the sound of SEDUCE THE HEAVEN is the combination of two charismatic vocalists exchanging duos of male growl vocals (Marios Mizo) and female clean vocals (Elina Laivera) that move from rock to lyrical paths delivering also a gothic note onto a massive setting of wave-crashing guitars, drums and bass. Jazz harmonies, 80's influences, dark, aggressive, straight in-your-face blast of power, melody and atmosphere. SEDUCE THE HEAVEN is a unique fusion for fans of many sides of the metal battlefield.

Earlier, STH had released a PROMO CD only for the media, including 5 songs from the upcoming debut album. Receiving laudatory reviews, the band released their first official video clip "Illusive Light", which premiered on the 23rd of February 2012. The band's debut on stage took place in Athens, GR supporting EPICA in 2012. October 2012 found SEDUCE THE HEAVEN performing for the first time abroad at the Metal Female Voices Festival X in Belgium with huge names of the female fronted metal scene, like ARCH ENEMY, LACUNA COIL, EPICA a.o., receiving amazing feedback from fans and critics.

SEDUCE THE HEAVEN self-released their debut album "Field Of Dreams" officially in January 15th 2013 under the distribution of the Belgian label FYB RECORDS. On the same day, the band launched a video clip for the song "Reflection". Not much later, the band signed an official contract with Japanese label SPINNING RECORDS (THE AGONIST, IN THIS MOMENT, Aldious a.o.).

The official release date of "Field Of Dreams" in Japan has been scheduled for February 20th 2013. So far, SEDUCE THE HEAVEN has been hosted on a big number of important magazines and webzines worldwide (including Metal Hammer Greece, Hard Rock France, Burrn! Japan), on radio stations and TV shows. Performing all around Europe and more is included in the band's future plans so stay tuned for more!
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