Skeptical Minds is a unique mix between three main influences : melodic female voice, electro and guitar riffs. Especially for fans of bands like Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Massive Attack, Bjork and Motorhead!

With nearly 200 gigs and festivals, Skeptical Minds has quickly established itself as a reference on the Belgian female fronted scene. Lead by the Polish singer Karolina, Skeptical Minds is a powerful combo on stage that loves to mix sounds and combines instruments in an unexpected way. The stage is shared between a melodic voice, electric guitars, electro sequences and classical instruments (Cello). Shake it and this is Skeptical Minds! Over the years, their varied music seduced a growing audience. End of 2010,The new album “Skepticalized” has been warmly reviewed in many webzines and magazines like Hard Rock Magazine. With quotes distributed between 7,5 and 9,5 and more than 1.000 copies sold, “Skepticalized” is already a major achievement for the band. End of 2011, the band goes even farther and released, at the same time, "Watch Your Live", their first DVD, and "BROKEN DOLLS", a comic centered on the character of Karolina. In 2012 Skeptical Minds performs many concerts and finished with MFVF X where they celebrate their 10th anniversary. For that occasion, they released their first BLURAY Live. In october 2013, Skeptical Minds released a special EP Limited Edition Collector (Vinyl + CD Audio PACK) "Living In A Movie" to announce their upcoming album (2015). In october 2014, Skeptical Minds released their first live CD called "Run For Your Live" and recorded at Metal Female Voices Fest X in front of 2500 people. The Band is actually busy with their upcoming album (release summer 2015) + a special comic (56 pages) that will tell the same story as the album but in a different way...

Watch your back ‘coz Skeptical Minds is Stronger than ever!
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